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Heather Payne

Your role is to share your journey & mine is to document your story.

Our connection will lead to a beautiful understanding of your uniqueness. I’ll be your guide every step of the way, helping you navigate this exciting time in your journey. And together we will uncover your honest story. 

You, my friend, are in for a great ride!



behind the scenes


Your photos are meant to be printed and displayed around your home, not left hidden in your closet or collecting dust on a shelf.
Our Make & Stow print boxes
are keepsake treasures that are meant to be used and are built to last.

Our finely crafted prints and Heirloom Bindery albums are artisan-made from start to finish. These folks value quality with a fierce dedication to time-honored preservation techniques.

From start to finish, every product offered showcases high-end materials, quality design, and clean lines for a timeless final product.
Guaranteed you won't find that cheaply made stuff here.

Quality over quantity


heirloom boxes


1. Shoot professional grade film with fancy film cameras
2. Adjust all setting & manually document the moments
3. Package & send exposed film to THE best photo lab (Richard Photo Lab)
4. RPL processes & scans film using quality equipment
5. Within a few weeks, I receive high-res digital image files (no different than shooting digital)
6. I adjust minor lighting/color corrections and the random blemish in Photoshop 
7. And viola, final (insanely gorgeous) images are delivered to you


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