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Heather Payne

Castilla Di Vicarello

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FEATURED IN  Magnolia Rouge Lifestyle Magazine 

As we packed up our picnic in the small town of San Gimignano and headed on a journey throughout the tuscan countryside, we had only one place in mind, Castello Di Vicarello. On the way up, we were greeted by a herd of Italian sheep (I had been praying to see some all day) and a sweet Italian lady. We immediately jumped out of our car and ran up to the fence line where she greeted us with a wave and huge smile. While we couldn’t translate her thick Italian accent, her love and generosity was so evident as she graciously allowed us to trot through the pasture insisting we take more photos of the herd. It was more perfect than we could have dreamed. Upon arriving at the villa, our eyes were greeted by a romantic stone castle surrounded by grape vines and olive groves that, today, is both a family home and a small boutique hotel. As we ventured on, our hearts got lost exploring the luscious gardens filled with ivy-covered walls, arches and pathways. I can still smell those vibrant rose blooms that smelled of sweet yellow sunshine as we entered through the gate. This place was magical. Every turn we took, another beautiful nook was discovered. Take me back!